v1.1.1 Release

xapi.ly v1.1.1 was recently released, and contains a few new features to the application and the JavaScript library.

Here’s a rundown of the major additions:

New Documentation site

A separate guide and documentation site has been created, which will make documentation updates easier.

Adobe Captivate support

xapi.ly now supports Adobe Captivate 2019! (This is the most recent version available by subscription.) It uses a customized widget to make xapi.ly available in courses.

Most xapi.ly features work for both Storyline and Captivate, except for these features (read a few more details here):

Not currently available in Captivate:

  • Resource panel tracking
  • Local library script files

Publish Configuration

Several options have been available in the JavaScript/JSON configuration that is auto-generated, but these settings are now surfaced in the interface.

Read the documentation here for more details.

xAPI State Save/Retrieve

This allows easy saving/retrieval of authoring platform variables between courses/modules. It can also assist with handling more complicated data structures with JavaScript if needed.

Read more about xAPI State with xapi.ly here.

Storyline Blocks in Articulate Rise

This isn’t actually a new feature, but an undocumented one - Storyline Blocks using xapi.ly can be embedded into Rise using the LMS and Sidecar LRS publishing method. Storyline’s built-in xAPI statements won’t be sent, but any xapi.ly features should function normally.

Stay tuned for more documentation and caveats for this setup on the documentation site.

Automatic Video Tracking (Experimental)

Video tracking is an exciting new feature, but is currently marked “Experimental” as there are some quirks to how video has to be handled in authoring tool output and is a work-in-progress.

The statements generated are based on the published Video Profile, using paused, played and seeked verbs and other concepts from the profile.


We hope you enjoy using xapi.ly and these new features, and reach out to us with any questions, requests or issues.