New Publishing Options

We’ve quietly run a public Beta of new publishing methods for a couple months now; after our own testing and feedback from users, we’ve now promoted them to being our main publishing options.

Under Build > Publishing, you’ll now find four options:

  • LMS with LRS: This is the simplest option and works with a Storyline TinCan Publish for an LMS with its LRS built-in.
  • Sidecar LRS: This fills a common publishing need we’ve seen, for individuals who need a Storyline SCORM publish for their LMS and also want xAPI data going to an external LRS.
  • Standalone Course: If you want to host a course outside an LMS but get xAPI data from its use. The code will prompt the user for their identity, or you do the integration with your own system
  • Original Method: If the new publishing methods don’t work for you (the most likely being firewall restrictions in your environment preventing the outside libraries), you can still use the original method.

The three new methods no longer require “HTML surgery” after publishing! You paste a little more code into Storyline before you publish and it takes it from there. If you run into any questions while you use these new publishing methods, use the Contact Support tab on the side when you’re logged in to contact us.